And whether it  suits you or not – we are the voice of all those who are drowning in the uniform masses, and we have recruited an army, ragged and desperate, ready for anything, for we are the home of the lost souls. And when you're lying in your beds at night our creatures sneak around your houses, rattle at the shutters of your windows and sing with the wind that sweeps through the streets. They whisper with the wind in the trees, whisper to you in your dreams and tell your hearts of the treasures that you once possessed and have lost. We guide you to places, enchanted and mysterious, places hidden from your sight and forgotten when you forgot yourselves and grew up. But we lead you home and give you back what seemed lost forever. We lead you, deeper and deeper, into the fairy tale of being.  Welcome home!


With their debut "Losing Paradise" They're God's Children present a varied Pop 'n' Wave album with a baroque touch.

"Losing Paradise" curses the "ugly life" and asks how to escape from the "here and now". With poetic lyrics They're God's Children walk a tightrope between dream and reality and waver between hope and despair. The melodies float atmospherically between heaven and earth or melt with longing at the threshold of the beyond. The music's different moods are imaginative and interwoven with a fairy tale atmosphere. Sometimes a song sounds like a dream, sometimes ugly and cold as if bred in a test tube.

They're God's Children can hardly be categorised and if you do, put them in a box and label it with “Beatles & Bach” and don't forget to put the heart of early English punk rock into it.

"Losing Paradise" contains 28 songs and is distributed by recordJET and SOULFOOD.